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Struggles of the Working Class

Struggles of the Working Class


10 hours

Most students become members of the working class. Yet many exit the school system with very little or no preparatory knowledge of what they are about to enter... Students will learn about the struggles of their ancestors and the working class. They will learn about the Labour Code, bargaining agents, collective bargaining, collective agreements, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and the rights and responsibilities of the worker. YEA students will know the history of the Labour Movements, and acquire reasons for supporting them.

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Antigua and Barbuda Youth Enlightenment Academy (ABYEA)

ABYEA is principally a finishing school for all genders to assist primarily the public sector school system to instill values of teamwork, self-esteem, pride, conduct, behavior, civility, humanity, performance and commitment for national development in our students. YEA will escort students from Grade 6 to Grade 11 (Form 5).

ABYEA will enhance the societal awareness of the youth by creating a youth culture of essential intangible attributes: honesty, industriousness, accountability, conscientiousness, truthfulness, punctuality, respectfulness, carefulness, empathy, sense of justice, etc.

The ABYEA Program is an addendum to the Primary and Secondary School Curricula. Students must attain at least 250 ABYEA lecture hours over the period of six (6) years. Upon completion, YEA graduates will received The ABYEA Certificate of Achievement.

ABYEA’s mission is to synchronize the community of students to adopt, internalize and implement common core societal and humanistic values to produce common performances.