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The Antigua and Barbuda Youth Enlightenment Academy (ABYEA): A Vision to Elevate the Youth of Antigua and Barbuda - To Produce the Better Citizen

Over the past fifty years, the primary and secondary schools curricula have expanded trying to keep pace with the forever changing requirements of a modern and global education system. Additionally, parents are stretched working long hours; and in most cases just to "make ends meet". For many hours daily, some students are often left unattended watching unwholesome TV programs. The expansion in the tourism sector has created more evening and night jobs, especially for single mothers; many of whom and their children are deserted by inconsiderate and uncaring fathers. Consequently, too many students, and particularly adventurous boys, are left to their own devices. The end result is that, generally, the academic institutions, teachers and parents do not have enough time to "civilize" and monitor a significant number of youngsters. The byproduct is an "uncultured" generation of youngsters with poor manners, low self-esteem, societal indifferences, and mis-conceptualized set of values. Clearly, there is little or no "nationally concerted" effort to re-shape the youth culture. It is the ABYEA's mission to reverse this negative trend by providing the needed support - to the school system, teachers and parents - to assist in preventing students from falling through the widening "cracks".


Students will develop an appreciation for the benefits and societal importance of teamwork. They will learn about support, trust and self-disclosure. These concepts will be tied to punctually, partnerships, leadership and accountablity. They will understand why good citizens make personal sacrifices for their families, relatives, friends, businesses and their country.

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Sense of Justice

ABYEA students will develop an accute sense of justice and a desire for fair-play. In the process, they will understand why it is important to pull their own weight. They will become familiar with the concept of a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. They will see why low productivity and labour theft are unjust and destructive to the economy. Students will be taught of their societal duty to ensure justice reigns.

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ABYEA will impart to students the values of respect for: self, parents, teachers, elders, leaders, community, society, law and order, etc. Students will see the relationship between respect, forgiveness, empathy, care, fortitude and modesty. They will learn how to be graceful in celebrating successes and accepting failures. They will be advised about the need to dress and walk in a dignified manner.

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